Start at the beginning

To know what you're going to draw, you have to begin drawing

                                  - Pablo Picasso  

Of course it applies to starting any creative pursuit.  I recently finished a photography class which pushed me to explore different genres of photography and just shoot shoot shoot in monochrome…and from all of that shooting I discovered a love of black and white landscapes.   
West coast Sardinia
San Giovanni

I consider this little spot a home for my creative pursuits, so I also need to begin here.  It is a place for me to share, to inspire me to take better pictures, to hold me accountable for dedicating some time to creative pursuits.  I was tempted to take down the tagline “a creative journal” because really, I’m focused on photography at the moment, but I decided to leave it there as a reminder to myself that I can, and should, explore other creative inklings as well.   

Let's begin!