It started as a niggling feeling, a distracting undercurrent.  


Iteration upon iteration.  Ideas arriving, developing, morphing…and being pushed to the edges of a mind already crowded with all the stuff, the women’s work, the keeping it all running at least kind of smoothly.  

Still they kept working away, those inklings.  Transforming.  How about, what if, maybe?  

To start with, their presence was comforting.  See - I could do all these things!  And this is how it would happen!  But the thing with inklings is, if they wait too long inside of you, they tend to fester.  

It’s time to bring them out to play. 


I’m Nasreen Joy Saffar, serial procrastinator, sometime photographer, and childhood writer raising a family, being a speech pathologist and making nougat in Sardinia, Italy.  This space is about taking better pictures, rediscovering writing, and exploring those creative inklings.  It’s weird but wonderful that you’re here reading this, and I’m happy that you’re sharing even a little bit of my journey.  Welcome!